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Dorphall – ancient spherical stones

These spherical stones are found throughout the world and are called in various names – prehistoric spheres, ancient stone balls. Some were found at Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino, California, the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand, and valley of balls in Shetpe Kazakhstan. Although scientists throughout the world still couldn’t determine what were these stones for exactly.

The local inhabitants in Talamanca region of Costa Rica believe the stone spheres are gifts from the gods. The origin of the stone spheres remains a mystery. Are they products of ancient technology as they look man-made or are they a bizarre nature’s creation? While most legitimate archeologists have no doubt the stones are the work of an ancient indigenous people, wild stories have grown up about the spheres suggesting that they are connected with aliens or the lost continent of Atlantis. Skeptics argue that primitive people with basic, non-metallic tools could not possibly have made such perfectly round and smooth stones. A group of archeologists and experts in Costa rica helped the spheres be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014.

According to historian of Lemurian and Sundanese cultural preserver, Zainal Arifin, these stone spheres or “dorphall” as the Lemurians called them are ancient technology which were created for a specific purpose, namely to counteract earthquakes – thus the spheres are commonly found around areas which are prone to volcanic activity. While the outer layer of the spheres are formed by sedimentary rocks, the core which is a smaller stone sphere is made by unknown magnet-like substance. The spheres are usually intentionally placed in a geometric arrangement (lines, circle, etc) to amplify the magnetic waves that create the counteract the seismic waves which then helps reduce the destructive impact of an earthquake.

The magnetic waves created were powerful enough to scramble airplane’s communication system and radar. Various flight incidents and crashes had taken place near Mount Salak in West Java – which some believed to be the result of magnetic anomalies from these “dorphalls”. Many of these spheres are scattered throughout the archipelago that has put Indonesia as the third place in the world with active volcanoes – part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and most of its eruptions in the past led to damage and fatalities.  There’s a possibility that this technology was invented by a highly intelligent civilization who lived thousands of years bc.


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