becoming fifth dimensional

Being fifth dimensional – part 1

Being a student of Life myself, introduction to the fifth dimension was somewhat a rather discouraging experience as if like you’re thrown into a world where all the road signs are different – if not lack of. You have to decrypt the meaning and put your own rocks and flagpoles so you can navigate in this new world. Assuming there should be a different kind of “road signs” from what I use to, maybe something four dimensional, an entirely different perspective, a gentle tug in energy body or a certain call to do or go somewhere…  perhaps?

There’s no manual and the signs are certainly very subtle. 

All the senses that I’m familiar with (like my sensitive hearings, the feelers and speech ) are muted, but other senses – that I still have to figure out, were explored in more a pleasant way. Free will is certainly much applied in this level. Teachers are less hands-on where individuals are encouraged to explore their call in Life.

I find that the heart chakra can be tapped open for communication with whomever – for sending love energy or healing energy purposes – while the mind/telepathy can be used for communication with certain individual/group if necessary. 

I can certainly see thought forms in their context clearly – which ones are fear-based, which ones are loving and encouraging, which ones are speaking truth from Law of One.