becoming fifth dimensional

Emotional body

The emotional body is a true birthright and a great gift – but mankind have shut it down by denying it on a daily basis. Many feel the emotional body as a weakness, one’s “achilles heel” so to speak. Many people prefer to be rid of the emotional body. You feel you must contain its energy and disregard its messages to you.

Why is it a true gift? Within the emotional body is the ability that each one of us has to experience the widest possible array of scenarios over our multitude of lifetimes – and to bring the wealth of those experiences as a whole in the body of God. The impurity and irrationality of the emotional body has allowed the full expression of all that you have experienced in pain and fear; therefore it allows the full expression of the Spirit.

Humankind have been awarded a substantial opportunity to bring God into lives through their emotional bodies. Each of us add a little bit of us, our signature into these energies. This uniqueness is a direct result of the emotional coloring we developed lifetime after lifetime, in the electromagnetic and crystalline grid of this planet.

Your emotions are not energies to be ignored, nor abandoned or mistrusted. They are truly and wholly representation of your individual flame that must be nourished in order to grow stronger.  The Atlanteans made a devastating mistake by believing that humankind could retreat from their hearts – and everything else that makes them human, and relying fully into intellectual superiority. 

You are a physical manifestation of Spirit’s divine grace and potential. You are a grounding force of expression of God’s will. Know this, that you are expressing through your emotional bodies the connection that exists between physical and the etheric, connection between body and spirit. Our mistake was to feel that we needed great machines and systems of energy to create in this way. We forgot our connection to each other, and competed instead to see who could control the greatest amount of energy (most likes, socmed followers, or other mediocre physical achievements)

Each time you reach out on the physical plane to touch another human being, and then connect through the vibrations created within their emotional matrix, you are reuniting realms in a new and wondrous manner. You are creating colors and energies that have never existed before, new expressions and new palates of love





Source:  book of Telos vol. 3 by Aurelia Jones