becoming fifth dimensional

The time is now

Many scriptures and prophecies talked about 2012 as the starting point of ascension. That humanity transform all their erroneous belief system and embrace love, harmlessness and divine truth.

In the years following 2012, all souls in incarnation on Earth will continue their evolution and ascend only when they have met all the requirements. Each journey is unique and though the initiatic process is similar to everyone, it unfolds differently for each soul, according to their own distinctive path.
Everyone without exception, is offered the opportunity for ascension at this time, but be aware that many souls are making other choices. Those souls who choose to continue to experience separation are not yet ready for this evolutionary step and will be given the opportunity to continue their evolution at their own pace somewhere else. The grace of Ascension will be offered to them again at some time later when they request it.

(* Protocols of fifth dimension – Telos vol. 3 p 185)



Another source, writer of The Ra teaching, also noted the new beginning in 2012……..





Dicky Arifin from Lanterha Lemurian Meditation Community in Indonesia, who is also a cultural preserver and metaphysicist is a firm believer that 2012 is the new beginning for humankind. Humanity will take the next step in its evolution, entering a higher dimension, a deeper understanding of Life and God. 
The community believed that 2012 was the year when an apocalyptic scale of disaster on earth was closely averted. Solar flares were fixed by the Alliance force and the Confederations.

The Lemurian Meditation teaching also talks in depth about how to prepare one self towards this new dimension by returning to the path of Godliness, compassion and doing selfless work. There will come a time when Earth’s magnetic field becomes so intense that it will become unbearable for the people who weren’t attuned to the frequenc